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We help brands get bigger and better, faster.


Who we are

Woods is a full-service international branding and distribution company that elevates unique lifestyle companies and luxury products to the next level. Regardless of your business’ size, we’ll take you from a growing company to an iconic, successful international brand—it’s in our DNA.

Our areas of specialty

Our services

We help growing brands achieve their sky-high dreams. At Woods, we tailor programs to your needs. We can work with you on a project basis to achieve your immediate goals or be your long-term partner, if you’re looking for someone to be in it for the long haul.

Marketing & Branding

You get the full works, from branding, design and digital marketing to public relations.

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From supply chain planning and retail operations strategy to post-launch acceleration, we provide full operational support to build better businesses and deliver bottom-line results. 

Operations Management & Support

Product Development

Our services include support with development of new products and product lines, and assortment review.

Capital Fundraising

We support companies with capital raising and source investors for our clients. 

Why we’re different 

At Woods, we know our stuff. It’s a crowded world, but we have our fingertips on the pulse of the market. Our team’s industry knowledge, expertise, and global network of contacts in the business world make us a strong partner to have in your corner. 

We work with all types of clients, large and small, and tailor projects based on the need and budget. Our team is adept at identifying your unique selling proposition (USP) and what sets your product apart, and building successful strategies around it.

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