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We bring lifestyle brands to life. 

Every company’s goal is to grow as fast as possible. At Woods, we help lifestyle brands do that. Through our various services, from branding and market penetration strategies to global distribution through our extensive list/network of contacts, we help companies become globally successful brands by accelerating their growth and bringing them to new markets.


A deep understanding of the market.

With decades of experience in the lifestyle industries with a focus on beauty, we’re extremely experienced, knowledgeable and know what it takes to get your brand to succeed.

Flexibility. We’re all about it. 

Every business is different and so is every product. We know your needs will vary, too. We offer a great deal of flexibility with our services and will work with you to accomplish your goals, depending on your business size, budget, project and long-term vision.

We know the right people.

Our extensive international network of retail and industry contacts puts us in a great position to help your brand and product take off.

A partner you can count on. 

Woods is not your typical company. We actually get into the nitty-gritty of it all and work alongside our clients, build long-term relationships, and become an integral part of our clients’ businesses. We don’t win unless our clients win. 

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